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About Herrick Lipton 

Herrick Lipton of New Horizon Counseling Center is a New York-based CEO active in the behavioral healthcare industry. Beginning in his teenage years, Herrick became involved with New Horizon and has since worked his way up through the ranks, gaining meaningful experience in every division of the organization. 

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Herrick Lipton’s Journey to New Horizon 

Throughout his time at New Horizon, he soon was given responsibility for daily operations as the financial and administrative director. This allowed him to oversee grant applications, reimagine the scope of care programs and streamline management techniques to allow for the best possible success. Herrick also played a pivotal role in directing New Horizon’s acquisition of programs from Peninsula Counseling Center.

After proving himself a worthy team member, there was no question that Herrick Lipton should be considered a candidate for CEO of New Horizon when the nonprofit’s founder stepped down in 2013. Since then, he has proven himself to be a passionate CEO involved in every aspect of the nonprofit’s mission.

New Horizon Counseling Center strives to strengthen communities by providing access to the best quality behavioral healthcare, leading to the empowerment, independence, and emotional well-being of others. The nonprofit continues to be a leading provider in its industry due to its integrated health services and commitment to offering the latest evidence-based practices to help its clients become active members of their communities.

Since taking over as CEO, Herrick Lipton of New Horizon has spearheaded the nonprofit’s revenue growth and physical extension, expanding it throughout New York state into Suffolk County and Nassau County. After assuming the role of CEO, Herrick also identified a key area for improvement, that being diversification. Since every behavioral health issue comes with its own set of unique requirements, Herrick knew that each of these areas would need a targeted program.

Currently, Herrick works towards revamping old programs and creating new ones in order to best assist patients. New Horizon offers programs and services in outpatient behavioral health, adult home behavioral health, developmental disabilities, addiction recovery and much more. Each of these programs is designed to foster a healthy environment where individuals can come to learn more about themselves, grow engaged with the subject matter and become empowered to chase after their individual goals.

Herrick Lipton of New Horizon strives daily to treat each individual’s immediate behavioral health needs while also creating long-term improvements that will help them feel more welcomed in their communities. Whether fostering community through hosting a ladies’ night, serving Thanksgiving dinner, or producing fundraising events, New Horizon’s outreach efforts have gone a long way in ensuring that its patients feel at home in their communities. It is this intentional approach that has helped increase New Horizon’s client base from 800 to 6,000 clients and growing under Herrick’s leadership. In a time where many other behavioral health organizations have folded under pressure or due to financial burden, Herrick has ensured the steady growth of New Horizon through his conscious development efforts.

To Herrick Lipton, New Horizon Counseling Center is a guiding light in the community that only continues to grow, promising a bright future for thousands of individuals in the New York area.

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