Starting a new business can be very challenging for some people, especially when they do not have adequate knowledge of business management. However, by learning from the mistakes of other startup business owners, one can start a business successfully. The following are some of the most common red flags that you should watch out for when creating your new venture.


You have to be protective of time as a business owner. It is best to ensure that every second is utilized fully. You should therefore make sure that every employee arrives at the workplace on time, and departs on time. Whenever you notice that some of your employees are coming to the workplace late or even failing to show up, you should know something is amiss.

One way you can deal with absenteeism is by having strict disciplinary action such as pay deductions against such employees. You can also consider rewarding and recognizing hardworking and diligent employees that utilize their time productively.

High Labor Turnover

You may be losing skilled and talented employees for several reasons. However, you should be alarmed when you notice losing a majority of your staff. Thus, you should check the wage rate, working hours, leadership style, job security, and satisfaction to determine why they are leaving the company.


You must be aware that your path will face many resistance and hardships as you start a new business and, as such, giving up is not an option for a businessperson. As a new business owner, you may notice that some of your employees are demoralized or unmotivated; this should not discourage them, but prompt them to work even harder.

Unhealthy Competition

This is one of the areas that many new business owners are not aware of since they are accustomed to fair labor practices from the private and public business sectors. However, whenever you are starting a new business, you may face opposition and stiff competition from your rivals in the industry. Joining some of the markets may be hindered by unnecessary laws and practices from your competitors.

Whenever this happens, you should know that you are on the right track, and, in due time, your competitors will give up and let you have your way in the market.

In general, when starting a new business, you should have an open mind that will analyze every challenge and mitigate it before it advances to become a significant challenge.

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