Group therapy is a form of behavioral health treatment involving a group of individuals working with a licensed therapist to address a specific mental health concern. Group therapy can effectively treat various behavioral health issues, including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and PTSD.

Support and Encouragement

A supportive and encouraging environment for people to share their experiences and struggles greatly benefits group therapy. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals going through similar experiences can help others feel less alone and more understood.

Feedback and Accountability

In group therapy, individuals receive feedback and accountability from the therapist and other group members. This can help individuals gain insight into their behaviors and thought patterns and make positive changes.

Learning and Skill Development

With group therapy, individuals learn and develop new skills for coping with their mental health concerns. This can include skills such as mindfulness, communication, and problem-solving.


Group therapy can be a cost-effective treatment option compared to individual therapy. Because the therapist is working with a group of individuals, the cost of treatment is divided among the group members.

Diversity of Perspectives

Group therapy provides individuals with diverse perspectives, as group members come from different backgrounds and experiences. This can help individuals gain new insights and better understand their mental health concerns.

Social Support

Group therapy can provide individuals with social support, essential for mental health and well-being. Being part of a group can help individuals feel connected and supported, which can help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Long-Term Benefits

Group therapy can provide long-term benefits, as individuals can continue to use the skills and strategies developed in group therapy long after the treatment has ended. This can help individuals maintain their mental health and prevent relapse.

Group therapy can be a helpful treatment option for various behavioral health concerns. Group therapy offers a supportive and encouraging environment for people to share their experiences and struggles, receive feedback and accountability, learn and develop new skills, and gain social support. Group therapy can also be a cost-effective treatment option and provide long-term benefits. If you are struggling with a behavioral health concern, consider group therapy as a treatment option.